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How much is the introduction to general electrostatic film cost

by:LINYANG     2020-03-11
Green electrostatic membrane is a kind of coating film, mainly PVC material, electrostatic adsorption on the product itself to stick the protective items, more commonly used in the adhesive or glue on the surface of the residual is more sensitive and more used in glass, lens, highlights the plastic surface, acrylic, etc. Very smooth surfaces. Green electrostatic membrane on purpose can be divided into: plastic protective film, protective film on digital products, automotive protective film, household protective film, food preservation protective film, etc. But with the popularity of cell phones and other digital products in China, protective film has slowly become a kind of generally referred to as the screen protective film, and its function in the field of screen protection film is multifarious, the earliest Gao Qingfang scrape. Material from the earliest PP material to the current popular AR material, intermediate more than 5 years of development, gradually accepted by the general mobile phone group. The development of the silica gel was developed on the basis of acrylic glue, because in recent years for 3 c products surface protection of the growing demand, and a large part of the application into the so-called aftermarket, mall, and then by the consumers themselves DIY. This section of the application, with particular emphasis on the use of exhaust, such ability in the process of film, avoid the happening of bubbles, and silica gel is this part accords with the demand of consumers, silica gel is used for the base material of PET screen protection is given priority to. ( The commonly used mainly silica gel adsorption) 。 Green, the other a special type of electrostatic membrane - — — Flexible protective film in BIPV applications also find nowhere to go. According to gather broad protective film, usually, the crystalline silicon components of every square metre is 13 ~ 15 kg weight, and flexible battery components the weight of every square metre is only 3. 4 kg, it is very beneficial to reduce the load of the building requirements. Green electrostatic film also has the advantages: first is by laser processing into dot, fabric etc to achieve different pervious to light effect; The second is may, in accordance with point density, fabric sparse degree to adjust the light transmittance; Again, the amorphous silicon battery slice can adjust the color; In addition, can also be made of amorphous silicon cells photovoltaic shutter, adapt to different latitude regions by adjusting the Angle of the sun Angle of incidence, to provide battery conversion rate. Before 2008 polysilicon prices soaring, protective film has been the industry as a 'lifeline' to lower the price of photovoltaic (pv); However, as polysilicon prices, cost of crystalline silicon solar cells have fallen sharply, the status of the protective film is somewhat embarrassed - — — Huge equipment purchase cost and low photoelectric conversion efficiency to make the industry had doubts about the prospects for protective film.
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