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How much do you know about the reverse coating of PVC film?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-13


A layer of adhesive is often applied to the back of soft and hard polyvinyl chloride films.

(1) After a layer of sticky or self-adhesive adhesive is applied to the back of the polyvinyl chloride film, A adhesive film or adhesive tape can be prepared. The adhesive is made of thermoplastic material and is characterized by gently pressing the film coated on any dry surface, the film can be attached to the plane.

How much do you know about the reverse coating of polyvinyl chloride film

The coating and scraping of sticky adhesive is carried out with a scraper or roller coating and scraping equipment, during operation, the liquid adhesive is applied to the film moving forward continuously. Then the solvent is removed in the oven, and after the film is cut, an anti-adhesive layer ( Such as silicone or polyethylene paper, but also hard PVC film)Isolation for rewinding. You can also use the middle Spacer ( Because the side of the film coated with adhesive also has certain adhesion resistance) For coiling, this product is generally called decorative adhesive film. In order to improve the adhesion of the adhesive, a layer of adhesive medium is often applied before the adhesive is applied. On the side of the film without adhesive, a layer of release agent that is not combined with the adhesive can be coated to facilitate coiling.

(2) The purpose of coating an activated adhesive is to make a polyvinyl chloride film (Especially hard PVC film)Welding can be carried out at the melting point of the film, I . e. heat sealing.

activated adhesive (Heat sealing adhesive) It does not stick at room temperature, but it will stick under heat.

The activated adhesive is applied to the film with a coating roller or scraper in the liquid state. The solvent or water in the adhesive is removed when it is dried later.

film surface finishing is like printing on the whole surface. Three common technological methods are used: finishing with grid roller, roller or scraper.

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