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How much do you know about printed PVC floor tiles?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-03


There are two kinds of printed PVC floor tiles: printed film floor tiles and printed embossed floor tiles.

① the printed film plastic floor tile consists of a surface layer, a printing ink layer and a bottom layer. The surface layer is a transparent PVC film with a thickness of about 0. 2mm, the bottom layer is filled with PVC layer (It may also be two or three layers), Also useful for recycling materials. Printing patterns include wood grain, marble grain, etc; Some are embossed on the surface of the transparent layer, which can play a role in extinction and make the surface have a certain texture.

② embossed printed plastic floor tiles have no transparent pvc film on their surfaces, and the printed patterns are concave. Generally, this embossed pattern is thick, and the ink is not easy to grind when used.

printed PVC floor tiles are available in semi-hard and soft products. Semi-Hard Wear resistance is better, and soft feet feel better. This kind of floor tile has the characteristics of good decorative effect and various patterns. However, the cigarette butt resistance is poor, especially the printed film floor tiles, the surface layer is easy to be burnt by cigarette butts. Printed PVC floor tiles are mostly used for decoration of residential buildings and schools and libraries that are less harmful to cigarette butts. The structure of printed PVC floor tile is shown in Figure 2-2.

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