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How did the building sunshade film develop?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-27


How did the building sunshade film develop?

1) The first generation of building sunshade film is a coating and composite process film, which was called Sun paper in the early days. Tea paper'. The main function is to block strong sunlight. This kind of automobile film is produced earlier and basically does not have the function of heat insulation. It is very easy to fade (Usually turns purple)And easy to foam after long-term use.

2)The second generation of building sunshade film is'Dyed film' At present, the dyeing films seen on the market are mostly deep dyeing processes. The deep dyeing method is added with a heat absorbing agent to absorb the infrared rays in the sun to achieve the effect of heat insulation, however, after heat absorption and saturation, far infrared rays will be generated for secondary radiation, which is more harmful to human body. However, because it also absorbs visible light at the same time, the penetration rate of visible light is not enough, and due to the limitation of its own technology, the clarity is poor. Another major weakness is that the insulation function decays quickly, and it is easy to fade, and the price is relatively cheap.

3)The third generation of building sunshade film is'Vacuum thermal evaporation film' The vacuum thermal evaporation process is used to evaporate the aluminum layer on the substrate to achieve heat insulation. This is also commonly referred to as the field of metal film. Most of them contain only a single layer of metal, and the metal layer is uneven. Although it has a long-lasting heat insulation, its weakness lies in its low definition, which affects the comfort of the visual field, another prominent weakness is the high reflection. High reflection similar to mirror surface, easy to cause light pollution, some products to reduce reflection; The glue in the membrane is mixed with coloring agent, which is easy to age and fade.

4)The fourth generation of building sunshade film is'Metal magnetron sputtering film'. Magnetron sputtering process has undergone a variety of technological innovations, and advanced aerospace alloy materials such as nickel, silver, titanium and gold can be adopted with the most advanced multi-cavity high-speed rotating equipment, using the principle of electric field and magnetic field, metal particles are evenly sputtered on PET substrates with high tension ( Multi-layer metal can be simultaneously sputtered on a film) , Relying on reflection, high efficiency to block infrared heat. However, due to the thicker metal layer, it will affect the communication signal to a certain extent, and the reflection is high. If it is improperly used and maintained, it is prone to oxidation and affect the heat insulation performance and aesthetics.

5)The fifth generation building sunshade film is'Ceramic membrane' , Is different from the traditional film made of metal or dyeing process of heat insulation film, internationally called'IR film'Or'Heat absorption'Membrane, by containing ITO ATO (Metal oxide powder) The coating layer of the has strong absorption of infrared rays and ultraviolet rays. Compared with the metal film, it solves the oxidation problem and the shielding problem of the metal layer, but when the absorbed heat reaches a certain saturation, it loses the heat insulation effect, moreover, the construction requirements are relatively high, and any carelessness will bake the membrane body to show ceramic cracks or bubbles.

solar film is also called heat insulation film. The early solar film was used to stick to the glass on the building window, which is called'Building film'. Later, it was developed with large thickness and strong explosion-proof function. Safety film'And for cars. 'Car film'. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, building sunshade films will certainly become more popular.

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