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How about the performance of aluminum veneer protective film?

by:LINYANG     2019-12-22

aluminum-plastic board protective film

base material: PE glue type: environmentally friendly water-based acrylic acid thickness: 5-10 wire width: 500- 1580mm color: black and white film, transparent film, yellow and white film, Blue Film, milky white film, etc. Viscosity: Micro-adhesive, medium-adhesive, high-viscosity, ultra-high-viscosity

Features: good weather resistance and stability, after tearing, there is no residual glue, no glue, easy to stick and easy to tear

1. Peeling stability: After the special protective film for aluminum veneer is used, the peeling process is not blocked. 2. Strong temperature resistance: it can be exposed to 40 degrees of temperature all the year round without any influence. 3. It will not affect the quality of the adhered material. 4. Long shelf life: it will not affect the quality because it is placed in the warehouse for a long time. 5. Moderate viscosity: Aluminum-plastic board black and white film is easy to stick and tear. 6. Good performance: high tensile strength, good elongation and strong elasticity.

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