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Household heat insulation film effect obvious user satisfaction high

by:LINYANG     2020-01-29

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Ms. Xie's kitchen and restaurant are westward and are extremely hot in summer. Even if the living room is air-conditioned, the restaurant does not feel much coolness. The kitchen is not air-conditioned and it is hot. The Evening News convenience service alliance launched the window film service. She took the mood of trying it out and asked the service provider to put a heat insulation film on the windows of the kitchen and restaurant. Unexpectedly, the household heat insulation film has obvious effect and plays an important role in blocking heat.

Household heat insulation film has obvious effect and high user satisfaction

' The window is pasted with heat insulation film, the room temperature is obviously reduced, and the air conditioning effect is much better. ' Ms. Xie, who lives in Guangji Bridge, said that her kitchen tried the window insulation film launched by the Evening News convenience service alliance, and it felt very good. ' The sun is no longer dazzling, the temperature has dropped, and the dog days are no longer unbearable in the kitchen and restaurant. '

Ms. Xie said that she plans to put a heat insulation film on the windows of the bedroom and balcony. According to the convenience service provider, after the window film is applied, it can not only insulate heat and save energy, block ultraviolet rays, reduce glare, but also do not need to pull curtains during the day, and can not see the room from the outdoor, effectively protecting family privacy.

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