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Hot pressing type membrane ps2012 contact manager zhao 13754728822 _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-04-02
Hot pressing type membrane ps2012 contact manager zhao 13754728822 make better products and services more customers, our production will start liqun ps2012 type thermal membrane, ( Ps2012 type extrusion film) , USES the international advanced technology, at the same time, use our linyi convenient logistics, can broad the nation, customer demand is our pursuit! Hot pressing type membrane ps2012 features: 1, pax, smoothness and cleanliness to users the best comments, hot-pressing membrane type ps2012 absolute let every user say good! 2, use name using hot film, noun + ps + code number, it is difficult to have repeated, let users more memorable, while improving hot viscosity, greatly improving the user's use heart! 3, efficient hot melt material Polyestet saturated polyester resin formula, can withstand heat conductor welding operation of joint, without coating stripping or falls off phenomenon. 4, with more than one million times higher bending strength hot melt the base material, widely used in the change frequency and high speed wire. 5, high pressure, high insulation, high temperature resistant and flame retardant effect, high electric insulation performance, widely used in various models, various specifications of the FFC flexible flat. Type 6, thermal film ps2012 meet the contractive under high temperature and high pressure, not deformation, while maintaining stable performance, at present we are in the film market of good quality and high cost performance, function and our manager zhao professional in charge of the product in detail discuss. Contact phone number: 137547288227, the economic recovery, One Belt And One Road billiton, different models of different types of future hot film, we will gradually launch, hot pressing type membrane ps2012 will expand with the demand of the market. http://www。 linyangpvc。 com/newsview_149。 html
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