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Highlights what to stick plastic surface film?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-28
Highlights common type of processing plastic surface is plastic industry, so what should use the protective film? In general, specular surface with low viscosity of PE film is the most appropriate, and in the face of high-grade plastic products, electrostatic membrane is undoubtedly the best choice. Electrostatic membrane is not coated film, electrostatic adsorption on the product itself to stick the protective items, more commonly used to the surface of the adhesive or glue residue is more sensitive, more used in glass, lens, highlights the plastic surface, acrylic, etc. Very smooth surfaces. Imported electrostatic membrane mainly include EVA blend and supply method of two kinds of craft, the latter actually between without glue and glue. Anti-static protective film is the traditional coating protective film, in the base material surface coating glue, different is made of antistatic products processing, can effectively avoid the static electricity in the process of using the operating damage to protect the surface of a product, for antistatic protective film has a variety of viscosity, also can be applied to a variety of surfaces, only you have the antistatic demand, anti-static anti-static products mainly have glue to add antistatic solvent and film surface treatment in two ways. A common protective film slightly expensive again to pay attention to is the difference between the electrostatic film and anti-static film: electrostatic membrane is by electrostatic adsorption joint product surface protective film products, anti-static film is the joint product surface to prevent electrostatic excitation bad product ( Especially for electrostatic sensitive electric elements, after all! ) 。 So the antistatic layer than static function. 2 it is to see the composition, electrostatic membrane is without glue by electrostatic adsorption products so the products must be smooth to stick up, anti-static is with glue, a viscous to post on the surface of the product, but is coated with a layer of antistatic agent.
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