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Highlights what pieces of plastic protective film?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-28
Electrostatic protective film, PE is a composite device will be a variety of data synchronization co-extrusion flow 挻 smoke protective film, the appearance of this kind of way to produce protective film is also known as PE electrostatic membrane, PE from mucous membrane. This kind of protective film, do not contain any adhesive, with environmental protection, good adaptability, senior product quality advantages, so it highly attach importance to users, is considered to be in the future appearance the development direction of production process. PE protective film does not contain any chemical solvents, the use of modern production equipment and a level 1000 dust-free production system, use or use after all does not happen and evaporation in any poisonous gas and harmful to the environment of material, suitable for using in the clean room environment, widely used in various industrial fields, protection of product appearance, production process and product delivery and use of protection, fell bad goods efficiently and improve the effect of commodity value. To count the usefulness of electrostatic membrane, PE in electronic professional display, panels and specular surface products. Have strong and weak points of the adsorption electrostatic membrane, according to the demand of the factory to make a different choice. The usefulness of PE electrostatic membrane can be roughly classified the following respects. 1, all kinds of display frame and panels, light panels, mobile phone shell, computer, TV video frame and the base, the shell, PDA appearance to protect electronic plastic injection molding products such as extensive use. 2, high transparency, good for specular surface random product checking goods, attached with a mold of paper can be use die cutting molding. 3, high gloss appearance (pieces of plastic PC, PC + ABS) , spraying ( General smooth surface paint, smooth plastic) After drying. 4, PC sheet, acrylic sheet, such as ITO film without special heat-resistant using wet resistant requirements of smooth information appearance.
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