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High temperature resistant PET tape

by:LINYANG     2020-03-07
PET high temperature adhesive tape. Made from PET double-sided adhesive coated c and acid, tape color is transparent and black two kinds commonly, the thickness of the common specifications as follows: 0. 05 - 0. 2 mm, with good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical stability, initial adhesion and good viscosity, Yi Mo cutting processing, the plastic, rubber, nameplate has good viscosity; Can apply to a wide temperature range and bad environment; Heat resistance, 100 - for a long time Short-term heat resistance up to 140-120 ℃, 200℃; PET high temperature double-sided adhesive structure is as follows: we usually also known as PET high temperature tape feeder belt, it mainly soft PET polyester film as the backing material, in its single-sided coating of high performance organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive. Pet high temperature adhesive tape is mainly used for high temperature environment work covered protection, surface treatment of electroplating, electrophoresis, ultra high temperature paint, powder coating and chip components side electrode using, etc. ; Pet high temperature adhesive tape has excellent high temperature resistance, high adhesion, again to tear away from the residual glue and solvent resistance and other characteristics. The five applications of Pet high temperature tape 1, suitable for computer chassis, cabinets and other metal surface treatment of high temperature powder spraying, the lacquer that bake cover protection; 2, pet high temperature adhesive tape is suitable for electronic products, automobile industry, at the same time painting camouflage protection and insulation products such as high temperature spraying, etc. ; 3, printed circuit boards, electronic parts, resistor capacitor production and fixed at the time of PCB part covered gold finger in the process of leaching and prevent the plating solution and pollution, PCB plating covered protection; 4, electrical appliances, machinery, electronics and other industries need high temperature coating paint protection, pet high temperature tape high temperature bind fixed effect. 5, pet high temperature tape from type paper joint can also be used.
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