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High stiffness high pressure polyethylene film material is developed and produced by Maoming Petrochemical

by:LINYANG     2020-01-08

news: the research on plasticization technology has never stopped, and many achievements have been made in many aspects. Recently, the high-stiffness high-pressure polyethylene film material HXF5107 developed by Maoming Petrochemical has achieved industrial production in the high-density polyethylene plant of the chemical division, and the output of the first batch of products reached 1540 tons.

It is understood that this brand is an improved product of high density polyethylene film material TR144. Some key indexes are better than TR144, and the density reaches 951 kg/m3, which can effectively improve the strength of finished products, it is mainly used for making shopping bags, composite packaging films, gaskets, heavy packaging films, agricultural films, food bags, box linings, etc. It can also be mixed with polyethylene produced by other processes for pipes and hollow containers.

at present, the demand for high-strength and high-strength polyethylene film in the domestic market is increasing year by year. The market demand gap is large, and a large part depends on imports, the successful development of HXF5107 has further improved the grade of Maoming Petrochemical resin products, creating conditions for increasing market share. After the successful development of the product, Maoming Petrochemical has sold nearly 400 tons of products to Huanan company. Believe in the progress of science and technology.

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