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High quality explosion-proof diaphragm also has potential safety hazards

by:LINYANG     2020-02-06


' The most ideal state of the explosion-proof membrane is that it cannot be knocked from outside the car, but it can be knocked from inside. ' Zhao Liang, director of Yancheng Metrology Institute, said that there is no one-way explosion-proof membrane in the window film currently on sale. Explosion-proof diaphragm has potential safety hazards.

In the 2014 car window glass sunshade film product monitoring report recently released by Jiangsu provincial quality supervision bureau, only 30 batches of 102 batches of car films sampled completely met the standard, with a coincidence rate of 29. 4%.

It was learned from the Bureau that 80 batches of products were from physical stores, 12 batches were from auto 4S stores, and only 10 batches were from e-commerce platforms, the coincidence rates were 31. 2%, 25% and 20% are not optimistic.

According to the characteristics of window film products such as UV protection, heat insulation and explosion protection, jiangsu Yancheng Metrology Institute is entrusted to detect the visible light transmittance, heat insulation rate, explosion-proof performance and ultraviolet transmittance of the product.

among them, explosion-proof of products is an important performance involving safety. According to the introduction of testing personnel, high-quality explosion-proof membrane has strong toughness and is matched with special pressure sensitive adhesive, even if the window glass is broken, the window film can stick it without splashing and hurting people.

However, when the car is in distress, the high-quality explosion-proof membrane will also become a difficult problem for the people in the car to escape through the window. Tan Ge, deputy director of Yancheng Metrology Institute, said that because the window film is from the internal film, some explosion-proof film with better explosion-proof performance, ordinary escape hammer can not open the window glass.

The tester said that if the window film with good explosion-proof performance is used, it is recommended that the owner of the car be equipped with special escape tools.

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