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High-priced plastic bags may not be environmentally friendly. Consumers should not pay for environmental protection

by:LINYANG     2020-01-09

March 8

recently, a supermarket has a plastic bag. 6 yuan has caused a lot of controversy. Some people say that businesses can't just pay for profits. Consumers pay for environmental protection. Some people are in favor of restricting the use of plastic bags by high prices. The reporter's investigation found that high-priced plastic bags may not be environmentally friendly.

investigation: high-priced plastic bags may not be environmentally friendly

supermarkets said that the price of degradable plastic bags was raised because of the high cost, so why is the price of environmentally friendly plastic bags currently sold in most supermarkets only a few cents? Isn't it degradable? On the 5th, the reporter purchased environmentally-friendly plastic bags in two large supermarkets in the southern district of the city. Through the contact information of the manufacturer printed on the bag, the reporter contacted the manufacturer as the purchaser. ' I 'd like to order a batch of degradable plastic bags. How much does it cost? '' It depends on what kind of material is used. The cheapest one is a large bag of six cents, and the expensive one is eight or nine cents. '' The two or three-hair green bags sold in the supermarket are not degradable? '' Certainly not, the cost is higher than the selling price, how can it be degradable, just to ensure that no waste is recycled, but it is all plastic. ' The reporter learned that the environmentally friendly plastic bags sold in most supermarkets are actually not degradable plastic bags in the true sense. Even if there are degradable materials, the content is very small, and the degradation time even takes several years.

The reporter then consulted Shandong Plastic Industry Co. , Ltd. on the production technology of degradable plastics. A staff member said that generally there are no completely environmentally friendly plastic bags, it can only be easily degraded after adding some ingredients in the process of producing plastic bags, that is, degradable plastics. In plastic packaging products of production process in join a certain amount of additives ( Such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizer, biodegradable agent, etc) The stability of the plastic packaging is reduced and it is easier to degrade in the natural environment.

According to reports, the main component of degradable plastics is still polyethylene, commonly known as plastics. The use of degradable plastic products cannot completely solve the problem of the environment. 'Potential hazards' Some degradable plastics are difficult to recycle because they contain some special additives. The colorful plastic bags that are often seen in the farmer's market are actually made by recycling and reprocessing waste plastics. Because waste plastics cannot produce pure white plastic bags, manufacturers will add pigments to them, thereby producing colored plastic bags. At present, the pure white environmental protection plastic bags sold in supermarkets are made of plastic raw materials, and the safety factor is higher than that of colored plastic bags, but both take a long time to degrade.

Voice: merchants can't just pay for profits. Consumers pay for environmental protection.

The reporter learned from the Qingdao Municipal Price Bureau that plastic shopping bags are not monopoly products, according to the prescribed price, it can be adjusted by the market itself. However, some citizens said that the paid provision of plastic bags is itself a measure formulated from the perspective of environmental protection. Since it is an Environmental Protection Act, it should not become a profit point for retail enterprises, the public recommends that relevant departments conduct cost accounting for plastic shopping bags that meet national environmental protection requirements and sell them to consumers at cost prices. If supermarkets, shopping malls and other retail enterprises insist on selling high-priced plastic bags, they can consider using plastic bags as a commodity and set up counters in special areas of supermarkets to sell them, instead of the bag that the customer found when he checked out, he bought a high-priced plastic bag with semi-voluntary and semi-compulsive texture.

On the contrary, there are also citizens selling to supermarkets. 'High price' The behavior of plastic bags is supported, and it is believed that this move can raise consumers' awareness of environmental protection, and then borrow'High price'Change the traditional way of shopping for residents. This part of the supporters believe that after the supermarket has greatly increased the price of plastic bags, it is bound to touch the consumer nerves of some consumers. After comprehensive consideration, consumers will gradually choose to carry shopping bags to the supermarket for shopping, or a plastic bag can be recycled many times. Although it is not very convenient at first, it can form a habit after a long time. This actually indirectly supports the environmental protection cause, through'High price'Measures have curbed white pollution. Of course, supporters also mentioned that supermarkets cannot make a profit by raising prices.

relevant environmentalists believe that the most environmentally friendly way is to use plastic bags or recycle plastic bags to reduce the amount of use, and at the same time to reduce environmental pollution through government recycling. Environmental protection requires consumers, supermarkets and other retail companies, as well as government departments to work together to truly achieve results.

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