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High-grade furniture stick protective film what substantive role

by:LINYANG     2020-02-28
Decorate new home or buy new furniture, how to protect the high-grade furniture are housewives consideration, give them the best protection, service life and furniture is beautiful don't the discount discount for this. And this time is the family to use protective film, protective film is really a good helper, solved the doubts of the residents. Now apply protective film in the furniture of different desktop has the following functions: table protective film: avoid bowl, dish, bottles and other hard scratch, abrasion, ke and desktop; Tea table protective film: avoid the ashtray, fruit plate, cup scratch, abrasion, bumps and desktop; Word set protective film: avoid display, keyboard, mouse, ashtray, teacup, desktop furnishing articles injury; Avoid children crayons, pencil, pen and other pigments to dye the desktop don't rub off, soft moderate hardness, suitable for writing, can cushion under pressure data, the television cabinet, chest of drawers, the bedside table put handicraft, furnishing articles such as desktop also apply; Vitreous furniture protective film: solve the vitreous mesa after touching the left difficult to wipe fingerprints and left after a meal difficult mimeograph; The bottom of the bowl and avoid a thorn sharp metal implements suffer the scratch marks; Avoid bowl, plate, cup impact desktop 'dang dang' dangerous sound disturbing the in the mind, to jade, lidan outer layer of the paint with real wood, glass furniture the same protection; Ambry protective film: avoid stone, iron scratch of mesa; Avoid the spice, pigment infiltration mesa. In conclusion, the protective effects of protective film can be applied to the family, into the households, as long as you have wanted to protect good big things, protective film basically can provide help for you.
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