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Heavy rain weather to reinforce tarpaulin-News Center-Lin-Yang dishcloth factory

by:LINYANG     2019-11-02
Heavy rain weather should strengthen the tarpaulin manufacturers to remind you: whenever there is a typhoon, the meteorological observatory will issue a notice to inform the fishermen to return to Hong Kong to shelter from the wind. So how should the goods piled up by the foreign trade company's terminal be disposed? How to protect these goods from typhoon damage? Tarpaulin is a very good rain-proof product. As long as pvc rain-proof tarpaulin is covered on these goods, these goods can pass the Typhoon day safely. In the face of the influence of strong tropical storm 'swallow' sweeping Guangxi Beibu Gulf, Fangcheng Customs pays close attention to the relevant information of the meteorological department and relies on the video surveillance system of the logistics monitoring platform to strengthen the monitoring and inspection of customs-supervised goods. Timely inform foreign trade enterprises of the impact of port suspension on customs clearance work, and actively take measures to ensure smooth follow-up customs clearance; Strengthen contact and communication with shipping companies, open up green channels, quickly check and release International Navigation ships, and timely handle relevant procedures for exit or mooring Anchorage shelter, and fully guarantee the smooth customs clearance at Fangchenggang port. However, the heavy rain came too suddenly, and the workers at the dock had no time to cover the tarpaulin for the goods. A torrential rain came on the way. These workers had to use the gap between heavy rain to reinforce the tarpaulin for these goods so as not to cause unnecessary losses. It seems that the role of waterproof tarpaulin should not be underestimated.
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