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Heaven justice chengdu stupid thief comes to steal store: tarpaulins do WeiDang cutting rolling door, by the white light exposure _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-30
According to chengdu commercial daily, heaven justice chengdu stupid thief comes to steal store: tarpaulins do WeiDang cutting rolling door, by the white light exposure. It is understood that debt, longquanyi district, chengdu, sichuan province man FuChao ( Not his real name) Decided to take risks. On June 18, at 2:00 PM, he will open a theft to the van to located in longquanyi district closed the door of the store in the town of parker, the door is open the tail, good with tarpaulins around, then rented a acetylene welding and cutting equipment debugging, began to store book door implementation of cutting, then enter the hardware implementation of theft. FuChao commit crime, the dazzling light from the ( Circles) Exposed his. Originally such crime, will not be found, but FuChao didn't expect that when cutting the door a bright white light, will he show. Theft is completed, just climbed out of the door that is captured on the spot by the police. At present, FuChao have been criminal detention by the police on suspicion of theft. 32 FuChao since junior high school graduation I have been in chengdu around the site, although the salary is not low, but FuChao doesn't set his mind at to do only a coolie, has been doing the reinforcement work he contemplated his contracted projects. A year ago, he borrow money everywhere, not only in the relatives and friends to borrow more than 10, ten thousand yuan, also borrow under the foreign debt of $180000. Didn't do his engineering does not see improvement, as long as failed, not only can not earn money, the raising of funds can also, at the same time also owe the workers more than 30000 yuan. Huge debt will FuChao pressure out of breath. Since this year, he kept by punish wage workers, relatives and friends also began to him. Under this FuChao raise money around, still can't also on the debt. On June 14 in the evening, sitting in a Jane fast FuChao drinking under the bridge, attracted to the white van a parked nearby. FuChao thought the car might be able to pay off his debts play a role. He immediately open the door, the attachment ignition, then drive away. In the evening, on his mobile phone a acetylene cutting shutter news FuChao instantly evil thoughts: on June 16, FuChao found a leased industrial equipment businesses, planning according to the method in the news 'to raise money to pay for themselves. He put the theft of a target store, 'worth something, you can make a lot of'. Elaborate covered the window to do WeiDang tarpaulins in the end, FuChao in industrial equipment shop with 1200 yuan price rent a set of acetylene welding and cutting equipment. Then drove the car started to looking for targets. 17 hours of the morning, FuChao in and around in the town, parker has finally found a jewelry store is easy to get. After checking, FuChao developed a set of 'complete' action plan. In time, because the streets and personnel is more, FuChao decision in the morning after commit crime; In addition, in order to camouflage, FuChao also specially for a large number of black plastic, the plastic tape to stick on the window, painted the black with black coating plate at the same time, to prevent others to see. In addition, also found a huge tent, ready to in the process of implementation of cutting crime, to surround himself. 19 at 2 PM, after all preparations is appropriate, FuChao will drive to the front step better. Behold, the grilled fish store outside the store at this time there are many guests to eat a snack, afraid of being found that he had to sit in the car, temporarily in wait. Finally, after an hour, the opportunity came. FuChao cut cut the night was stealing book door was dazzling white light exposure at 3 PM on the 19th, grilled fish store guest finally leave gradually. FuChao will vehicles to move the position, the car tail towards the store doors. Then, according to the plan in advance, FuChao will open, the door is bread to the rear of the tarpaulin bypass has raise tail will be prepared, the door is closed in around, and then put on a mask, debugging good cutting equipment squatted by the door began to commit crime. Are cut soon safe, store book door on a high only half a meter wide hole forming, FuChao drill in quickly and carrying flashlights to find valuable jewelry. After taking the gold in the counter transport bead, one is located in the corner safe and make FuChao produced further commit crime. He cut by cutting equipment will be safe again out of a hole about 10 cm in diam. , will be stored in the inside of the bracelet and the wek-jin and put into the bag. FuChao didn't expect, however, is that the thought with the vehicle as a shelter, plus the tent has blocked the completely, when we won't be found, but imperfection is, when cutting the door, he will be issued cutting gun in the hands of a dazzling white light. Store in the street of a video monitor is fully recorded FuChao commit crime process, although the picture cicc outdoor light is not visible, but pay a crime, the end of the van's dazzling light is clear. It is this light exposes FuChao, passers-by found the light in the golden a barbecue, and called the police. Subsequently, parker town police station the police came, at the right moment to commit crime is preparing to leave the FuChao captured on the spot. By the police to verify, FuChao stole 97 gold transport bead, 12 gold pendant, two inset jades, and two gold bracelets, and several wek-jin, involving a value of more than 70000 yuan. At present, FuChao on suspicion of theft has been criminal detention. 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