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Hangzhou launched the packaging film project, with an annual increase of 1. 5 billion yuan

by:LINYANG     2020-01-23


A few days ago, the reporter saw in an interview with Shangyu economic and technological development zone in Hangzhou Bay that the relevant infrastructure of Zhejiang Kaicheng New Materials Co. , Ltd. is in full swing.

According to reports, Zhejiang Kelly New Materials Co. , Ltd. is currently the largest industrial film export enterprise in China, the company invested and established Zhejiang Kaicheng New Materials Co. , Ltd. in Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone in lunar January 2017. The registered capital of the project is 60 million yuan, and the total investment is 1. 5 billion yuan. It plans to add 300 mu of land with a construction area of 180 thousand square meters, and introduce high-speed automatic high-barrier functional film production line and supporting cutting, granulation, coating and other advanced equipment. The first phase of the project has an investment of 0. 5 billion yuan and will form an annual production capacity of 70 thousand tons of new films with high barrier performance.

According to reports, after the project is completed, it is estimated that the production capacity will be 140 thousand tons, the annual new sales revenue will be 1. 5 billion yuan, and the annual import and export will be 0. 1 billion US dollars. The current project has started construction at the end of April. It is planned to complete the initial completion of the main building by the end of September and start equipment installation in early October. Efforts will be made to complete equipment adjustment and start trial production by the end of December this year, it was put into production in the year of construction.

It is reported that Kaicheng new materials will take root in Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Zone and devote itself to building the largest multi-functional flexible packaging film export industrial base in China.

(Source: Shangyu Daily)

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