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Hanging a tarpaulin truck must support the wuhan _ industry trends

by:LINYANG     2020-04-04
One party hard, p plus support. The Spring Festival in 2020 when China's wuhan encounter new coronavirus, try their best to support to the national people's wuhan; Wuhan city itself is a hero, in those days the wuchang uprising, launched China's first shot! Currently in wuhan by virus, throughout the country support wuhan according to their own advantage. Security of wuhan 'vegetable basket' saic hongyan in action that is not the first time that red rock jade lion truck delivery of fruits and vegetables daily supplies, such as in early January 24, 12 vehicles hongyan jade lion full of about 366 tons of fresh vegetables from chongqing, overnight shipping, sent to the most serious epidemic wuhan chongqing people's love and warmth. Each truck, usually written in front of the support of wuhan, wuhan come on banners, at the back of the trunk covered by waterproof tarpaulins, why van need tent? 1, tent, tent has a good waterproof performance, used in automobile transportation and open-air warehouse tent outside cover and wild. ( Domestic car tarpaulins main materials used) 2, PE cloth: PE tarpaulin materials generally refers to the striped cloth, is in the double coated PE film, PE woven cloth is also useful pp woven cloth. This loose protection water performance is poor, can't guarantee with the once commonly waterproof performance, defect is easily torn, advantage is that its quality is light, clean and no pollution. 3, PVC tarpaulin: is to double the bottom of the polyester filament fabric coating of PVC paste resin, because be jinsu processing, a molding, cloth cracks have PVC paste inside, so the waterproof performance is good, now on the truck tarpaulin, yard and rainproof supplies are made of PVC tarpaulin. Good waterproof PVC material, PVC hardships and stand hard work good, PVC tarpaulin anti-aging is far better than that of PP, PE tarpaulin. One party hard, p plus support. February 1, red rock jade lion motorcade from sanya a shipment of 110 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables rescue of wuhan. According to understand, this love the team by train is composed of 11 vehicles hongyan jade lion refrigerator car, starting from sanya cliff obviously, after 30 hours to wuhan, fight for priority in epidemic of the basic demands of frontline staff. This is hainan donated free of charge to send the first wuhan love vegetables and fruits, contains cucumber, beans, bottle gourd, eggplant, chili wuhan public recognition and high consumption bigger melon seeds, and 9 tons 'tree ripe mangoes. Follow-up will also have four group, 10 million yuan worth of fresh fruits and vegetables from hainan, if necessary, wuhan and wuhan people's current difficulties, total resistance to this 'epidemic'. Cliff obviously by farmers ginger teacher said: 'I kind of beans, 17 acres, from just picking in the morning, go to wuhan. Warm in hainan the best food, we go to wuhan people's heart. 'ShangHeng tarpaulin reminds each teacher: life is not easy, pay attention to safety, take mouth-muffle, omni-directional to car disinfection, including the car the tarpaulins, wheels, etc. Need a car tarpaulins to contact us. http://www。 linyangpvc。 Com/ShangHeng tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 Com/phone: 13754728822
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