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Gush arenaceous glass protective film is how to use?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-09
Glass sandblasting protective film on the glass manufacturing industry and decoration field application frequency is very high, for his use, generally the layman not particularly clear, because it has the high professional usability, so the glass sandblasting protective film what is the use value? We share together. Does not come unglued in the manufacturing process of glass, glass processing is completed, sand is uncovered protective film, the processed surface of the glass products no residue of glue and trace, still keep the product is bright and clean and beautiful. Strong toughness, good mask can withstand the jet emery up to 6 - The impact of the 8 kg, can make sure that there is no breakdown protective film of the processed objects. Viscosity, appropriate facial mask paste can tame firmly on the protected vitreous, and can ensure the sandblasting processing after the completion of the peel off protective film, not for their thin brittle fracture, shredded increase unnecessary trouble for the user. This company produces the protective film for professional computer carved draw carve patterns or designs on woodwork, saving time and labor for the glass, the thickness of the protective film on the back has a certain mold paper, easy separation. Commonly used color is white, pale yellow, commonly used specifications of the product is complete, the length in meters, according to the requirements of use. Flat spray spray membranes can make flat, coloured drawing or pattern, shallow carving, Carved into the depth of less than 1 mm) 。 If you need to deep carved ( Carved into the depth of 1. More than 5 mm) , the increase of the thickness of the protective film should be appropriate, such as 14 C, 23 C is commonly used in marble. Protective film, liquid sand is made by the special PVC membrane material and special adhesive, the protective film has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, resistant to acid and alkali. Suitable for modern liquid corrosion carving process. Finally the use of manufacturers and companies some advice, glass sandblasting protective film don't put too much, because the season conversion, the change of temperature, humidity, can affect the quality of the sandblasting protective film. Should not be sandblasting protective film exposure, also should not be affected with damp be affected with damp, placed it is advisable to choose the adequate ventilation.
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