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Guangdong protective film manufacturers products - — Electrostatic membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-03-14
Guangdong is a super light industry developed area, with the development of light industry company is packaging industry, packaging industry leading products of protective film. Electrostatic membrane as an important member of protective film manufacturers products, how it has the characteristic and the application value of? Electrostatic membrane is through a variety of equipment to a variety of composite materials synchronization co-extrusion flow surface protective film in the smoke. This kind of protective film, do not contain any adhesives is a kind of static adsorption film, has the protection of the environment, good adaptability, high product quality, etc. PE electrostatic membrane does not contain any chemical reagent, the use of modern production equipment and a level 100000 dust-free production systems, won't produce and after their use or use in the volatile poisonous or harmful to the environment of substances, absolutely environmental protection. PE electrostatic membrane applications: electrostatic membrane is widely used in industrial applications, to protect the surface of the product, production process and product protection, delivery and use of effectively reduce bad product production, improve product value. PE electrostatic membrane characteristics: 1, high static electricity resistance, electrostatic effect is good, 2, the product has good transparency, water lines is small, less crystal point; 3, the products comply with national and industry standards, environmental protection.
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