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Greetings for the year of the pig in 2019 【Meitu Collection edition]Everything is good!

by:LINYANG     2019-12-27

Ichikawa film 【4006666322] May all of you, 2019 year of the pig,

Everything goes well!

The God of love, the god of wealth, the god of food, come together as if there is a God to help me. The long night can't cover my brilliance. The most important thing is to be happy and smile. I want to be a layman. First set a small goal for myself, such . . . . . . Come on, the big pig's hoof is famous. The New Year is coming. I am one year younger. I am young and always have girlfriends. I have brothers and sisters to pray for all the beautiful and sweet things that will happen in 2019!

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