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Good quality of PE electrostatic membrane should have what kind of features

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Electrostatic protective film is a film, PE for some packing and stick a face cannot use adhesive protective film products, anti-static PE membrane is a perfect choice, it was the glue that might lead to consequences, and provides with glue to produce chemical reaction products with a good choice. So how should have excellent PE electrostatic membrane characteristics? Different scope of PE electrostatic membrane can have different characteristics, but they all must have some characteristics, produced the first electrostatic adsorption effect, on the choice of strong and weak points, the second, the transparency of electrostatic membrane, on the choice is divided into high and low. And some other features can be subdivided into several: 1, the excellent surface adsorption, can replace below 30 g viscosity viscous PE protective film, and no incomplete glue, white mist. 2, in addition to the excellent surface adsorption, more excellent wet resistance, heat resistance, resistance to wet test can withstand ( 65 degrees of 95%) 480 hours without exception; Immediately after injection molding injection, attached with, easy to peel after cooling, without any residual precipitates. 3, can let the slow release chemical solvent gas easily on the surface of the paint off, thereby avoiding the phenomenon of reaction with paint again, greatly improving the yield of spray paint products.
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