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Global Demand for polycarbonate grows at 5% in the next five years

by:LINYANG     2020-01-23

The plastic processing industry is a labor-intensive industry that can accommodate more people. After more than 30 years of rapid development, from the perspective of plastic processing technology, the technical level of Chinese enterprises has been greatly improved, and some have reached the international advanced level.

stimulated by the strong growth in demand for new applications in the field of automotive glass assembly and consumer electronics, the Global Demand for polycarbonate will grow rapidly at an average annual rate of about 5% in the next five years, its global demand will reach about 4. 5 million tons by 2016. In 2011, the market of electronic products, especially consumer electronic products, accounted for 20% of the market share of polycarbonate terminals, the market share of sheet and film used in the construction industry accounted for 18% of the market share of polycarbonate terminals, and the market share of optical media accounted for 18%, electrical appliances and automotive non-window market accounted for 12%.

as far as mobile phones are concerned, many merchants prefer polycarbonate housings and parts. With the development and expansion of the mobile phone market, the Demand for polycarbonate is increasingly strong. However, the region limits the activities of buyers and sellers, and the network has become the most important platform, so the rise of polycarbonate in the ranking of popular searches also conforms to the inevitability of development.

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