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Global BOPET film manufacturers have realized the difficult situation

by:LINYANG     2020-02-05


It is understood that bidirectionally stretched polyester film (BOPET film)Producers are aware of the difficulties. The increase in new production capacity of extruded films and the slow market demand have led to the frequent bottoming of film prices and profits. Therefore, global film manufacturers must consider their respective business models very carefully.

However, these market factors are undoubtedly popular news for BOPET film buyers. While benefiting from stable prices, their choice of suppliers has also expanded.

Two-way stretch polyester film production line

for many people, the problem is: the current'Buyer's Market'Can you keep it? In response, the latest global market analysis report released by PCI film consulting company gives a positive answer, saying that the status quo will be maintained at least in the short term. Globally, the BOPET film market is currently in a state of oversupply, mainly because China once fell into a frenzy of investment in new production capacity. In most other regional markets, capacity growth is relatively balanced and basically in line with demand. Regional demand is still rising, but the growth rate has slowed down. In 2010, film prices rose due to supply shortages, but such a situation is unlikely to happen again. At the same time, PTA, as the main raw material of the film, also has an oversupply, which will inhibit any increase in the price of the film.

Simon King, general manager of PCI, commented on the current situation of the industry:' Although the BOPET film industry has become more global in recent years, regional supplier/customer relationships are still very important. Overcapacity in China has little effect on the balance of supply and demand in Europe and North America, because customers have requirements on quality and delivery time, they will still choose domestic suppliers, although the price is slightly higher. '

On the contrary, BOPET film suppliers must find ways to increase profits through differentiation, such as providing better customer service and providing higher quality products. Many emerging suppliers have also begun to imitate traditional suppliers in the industry, set up technical support teams, devote themselves to research and development, and tailor products for customers to meet special needs.

but one thing is certain. The business model established based on the supply of BOPET films in the past cannot guarantee the same level of return in terms of long-term investment. New products, new markets and new business models are very important.

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