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Glass window sticker explosion-proof useful?

by:LINYANG     2020-01-17


as we all know, glass is fragile. Many windows installed in families are subjected to impact and external forces, it became pieces of wreckage. So, how should we protect the glass? Glass window sticker explosion-proof useful?

glass will self-explode. Self-explosion is due to the material and manufacturing process of glass itself, which has no ductility. This means that when winter or summer suffers from heat and cold contraction, it bursts because it is not malleable. This accident is difficult for us to predict, so we must adopt appropriate methods to prevent it.

Is it useful to stick explosion-proof film on glass windows?

aiming at the fragility and self-explosion of glass: safety explosion-proof membrane (Or safety film)Can achieve explosion-proof and safety. The explosion-proof membrane of building heat insulation membrane is usually between 2mil and 16mil in China, which means that the metal atomic layer can decompose the bearing force at different levels when it is impacted by external force, at the same time, the adhesive layer attached with the heat insulation film can also decompose the force to achieve the dispersion of the force. Moreover, the tensile strength of the heat-insulating film enables the glass to firmly grasp the glass fragments even when it becomes a glass fragment, and will not cause secondary damage caused by splashing of the fragments. When the temperature is unstable in winter and summer, the heat insulation film can effectively insulate heat, so that the temperature of the glass will not be too low or too high, and the self-explosion of the glass will not be caused.

The thickness of the safety explosion-proof film is much thicker than that of the general glass film, which can reach several times or even ten times that of them. This kind of film will not affect lighting after being pasted, at the same time, the safety performance is very good, green and environmentally friendly. Therefore, the glass window anti-explosion film still has a certain effect.

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