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Glass surface protective film

by:LINYANG     2019-12-23

The glass itself is very fragile, even heavy tempered glass can be scratched, damaged, rotated, etched or atomized during processing and exposure. Using a glass budget becomes a challenge. Every step in the life cycle of glass products represents a new danger to glass.

glass may be damaged in the following situations: glass cutting, etching, transportation, assembly, transportation, processing, storage, installation and other processes. Glass protective film is a simple and economical solution to solve many challenges in glass work. The protective film of ichuan film is easy to use and can provide protection for only a few minutes to more than one year according to your application requirements. And the protective film can be quickly removed without leaving any adhesive residue. Coated optics, indoor and outdoor windows, shower doors and other glass surfaces all need specific types of protective films to protect them.

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