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Glass safety explosion-proof membrane has broad development prospects

by:LINYANG     2020-01-17


with the emphasis on glass safety protection and the introduction of specific measures and regulations, glass safety explosion-proof membrane, a new technology that changes human life, it will definitely be widely used.

In the field of construction, according to statistics, the annual glass production in the country is about 0. 5 billion square meters, excluding 16%- 18% square meters of deep-processed glass, and the remaining 0. 4 billion square meters of original glass are directly used in construction, decoration and other fields. Only from the newly increased glass area every year, in theory, glass explosion-proof film can easily reach the market size of tens of billions to hundreds of billions. If we only use a small proportion of the explosion-proof membrane in 5% of the new glass area every year, the glass explosion-proof membrane can reach a market scale of tens or tens of billions of yuan, this undoubtedly provides a large market space for glass explosion-proof membranes.

glass explosion-proof membrane is not only suitable for use in new buildings, but also has more unique effects on renovation and renovation of existing buildings. The glass film can be easily attached to the existing window glass without adding any expensive equipment. It is a cheap, time-saving, energy-saving and safe material for transforming old building doors and windows.

It is understood that Guangzhou City stipulates that if any building or structure completed and used before June 1, 2006 does not meet the specified requirements, its owner or manager shall within 10 years (Glass curtain wall within 2 years) Take corresponding measures to meet the technical requirements of building safety glass. Shanghai, the national economic center, also listed the safety of glass in the city on the agenda.

The seemingly simple glass explosion-proof membrane has triggered a revolution in the film and glass industries. In the film industry, explosion-proof film is eliminating solar film with only light control effect due to its complete light control and impact resistance. In the glass industry, most of the bulletproof glass has been replaced by light, single protection, energy saving and health. The birth of explosion-proof membrane has led to the long-awaited glass safety protection industry.

As the name implies, glass safety explosion-proof membrane must pay attention to safety considerations. With safety as a guarantee, the market for explosion-proof membranes will be broader.

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