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Giraffe Fun City

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

Does city attract you? In an adult's world, the interest of city is that it can offer a place to shopping, eating and so on. But in the child's opinion, the interesting of a city is supposed to has toys, slides, cartoons, climbing ladders and so on. For the kids, the Giraffe Fun City may be a magical city for them. Our product which product name is giraffe fun city can interest the kids.

Giraffe may be one of the most favorite animals for the kids because hey are tall and gentle. A beautiful giraffe will welcome the kid at the gate of the fun city. In it, it has slides, rock climbing, inflatable pillars and caves. The kids will never boring when they are playing in the fun city. There are different kinds of animal cartoons print in the tarpaulin, and their color will never fade. We adopt advanced techniques and use best lacquer, so our product is of fade proof.

It is 11m length, 8m wide and 4.6m height when it is inflatable. It is suitable for the shops to have one to entertain the children. It can afford 10 to 15 children playing in it.

It is of high tear strength. The destroy power of several kids is inconceivable. But the quality of our product is visible. Our product is made of PLATO PVC tarpaulin. It can avoid the destructiveness from the kids. Scratching, jumping won't be problems to the quality of the Giraffe Fun City.

Waterproof and Anti-mildew treatment are the advantage of the inflatable products, especially the product is made for the kids. Kids like eating snacks, sometimes the snacks or juice will be left on the tarpaulin. Don't worry, the tarpaulin can anti the breeding of the mildew, and it is of waterproof.

The Giraffe Fun City is of anti-static and heat-insulation. They can make sure that the static or electric power won't hurt the kids. It enhances the safety to the Giraffe Fun City.

If you like to place the Giraffe Fun City outdoor, it is also possible to do this. Excellent UV-resistance, cold weather resistance, waterproof can support it. After a series of produce flow, the tarpaulin can bear the ultra violet, cold and water. So it can be place outdoor.

And the structure is firm. We do reinforce stitching at the fixion of D-ring. Four stitching line will share the tension of the bouncer. This made the D-ring last much longer and stronger. The Giraffe Fun City is fun, kids and parent will satisfy with its design and quality.

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