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Galvanized sheet stamping protective film

by:LINYANG     2020-03-03
Galvanized sheet stamping with protective film need good tensile, moderate viscosity, edge do not become warped, generally use the 5 c blue film, PE can't glue falling, viscosity generally choose the sticky. When selecting a stamping with protective film, usually is the problem of tensile performance is bad, lead to protective film fracture during the process of stamping, choice not appropriate viscosity, viscosity is too low, after stamping, become warped edge, or material of membrane separation, viscosity is too high, and can lead to glue residue, or off protective film. Encountered in the process of galvanized sheet stamping protective film selection problem, as already mentioned, so here, if you can find the right stamping protective film, you need to this we can give you a definite answer, our PE protective film products color is complete, the viscosity from 030 3 c - 270, thickness 15 c, width and can be customized according to the requirements of users. At the same time, we have several series of PE protective film, W, S, L, D, Y, G, Q, etc. , the purpose of each series is roughly same, but quality can vary, so only haven't chosen here, never less than stamping protective film. So when you have protective film requirements, we can contact QQ online customer service, good communication, let the customer know your using environment, product demand, price expectations in his heart, then, we give you Courier a few sample to your company for application testing. Keep communication at any time, appear problem, can according to the problems, choose other series of products. For the first time send us samples, Courier fees generally customers to pay, if the sample is not appropriate for the first time, hope the client can send sample again, we can take a second to send sample Courier fee.
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