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Functional protective film will play an important role in the strategic emerging industries

by:LINYANG     2020-03-17
Wide prospect of functional protective film. Functional protective film will play an important role in strategic emerging industries, application prospect, is a huge investment opportunities. Different functional protective film performance, application field, technical barriers is higher, we will its difficulties mainly summarized as raw materials, formula and process and equipment. In many functional protective film, watch the photovoltaic optical protective film, protective film, lithium-ion battery diaphragm, permeable membrane water treatment, high barrier packaging film. 1, optical protective film import substitution space is large. Optical protective film $17 billion markets around the world, the domestic LCD production capacity expansion, optical coating domestic enterprises facing rare opportunities for development. Is expected to take the lead in diffusion membrane breakthroughs, transparent polyester raw materials and high precision coating is its core technology. Buddha plastic science and technology, new. 2, photovoltaic protective film broad prospects. Photovoltaic industry 10 times in the past five years growth, drive photovoltaic protective film needs. Photovoltaic (pv) protective film mainly include fluoride film, polyester base film and EVA film, raw materials and formulation modification and core technology. Domestic companies in the field of polyester base film, EVA film and the back rise rapidly. Jiangsu yuxing real, east of material science and technology, red polaroid, xin fu medicine etc. 3, lithium-ion battery diaphragm is looking forward to the electric car market. Consumer electronics to ensure 20% steady demand growth, the electric car will drive several times demand growth. Pore forming process is the core technology, the diaphragm dry process more benefit from the popularity of electric cars. Buddha plastic science and technology, nanyang science and technology, the pearl of cangzhou and southeast. 4, water treatment, membrane benefit from energy conservation and environmental protection policy. 'Twelfth five-year' period, the domestic market space in 12 - membrane desalination 1. 8 billion, MBR membrane market space is controlled in 1. 2 billion yuan, industry's explosive growth depends on the large increase in energy conservation and environmental protection standards, focus on leading enterprises and st huitong water sources. 5, high separation membrane benefit from consumption upgrading. Traditional packaging film stable demand, consumption upgrade to drive high separation membrane of ascension. High barrier materials and multilayer co-extrusion composite technology is the key.
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