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Functional film materials, import substitution is increasingly obvious

by:LINYANG     2020-02-04


plastic film refers to a film made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resins for packaging and for coating. 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' During this period, plastic films, especially functional film materials, will play an important role in emerging industries. Functional film materials have excellent performance, strong pertinence in downstream market segments and wide application prospects. Water treatment Film, solar cell film, flat panel display film, semiconductor and microelectronics film will have broad space. The technical barriers of functional membrane materials are high, and the difficulties mainly lie in formula, technology and equipment. Among many functional films, we are most optimistic about optical films and photovoltaic films in combination with market space and technical threshold.

optical grade PET is the main raw material of optical film. Diffusion film and brightening film are all processed on the basis of PET slices. Due to the high technical content of optical films, they are technology-intensive industries with high barriers to entry and are currently mainly dependent on imports. At present, existing domestic enterprises intend to enter the field of optical films, and domestic enterprises will surely drive the demand for optical PET Films when entering the field of optical films. The production capacity of optical PET film is mainly concentrated in Japanese and Korean enterprises. At present, domestic enterprises have not yet been able to realize large-scale production. Dongcai technology [16. 87-1. 86% stock bar Research Report]Nanyang Technology [22. 55 1. 58% stock bar Research Report]Is expected to is the first breakthrough.

photovoltaic films mainly include backplate films and EVA adhesive films, which are mainly composed of fluorine-containing films and polyester base films. The technical barrier of fluorine-containing membrane is the highest. There is no industrialized enterprise in our country. The maturity of polyester film is relatively slightly higher. The products of domestic Dongcai technology and Changzhou Yuxing have passed the certification of downstream foreign customers, and the trend of import substitution is increasingly obvious, greater Southeast [5. 37 0. 37% Stock bar Research Report]Double Star New material [30. 55 0. 66% stock bar Research Report]Nanyang Technology is also actively entering this field.

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