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Fully degradable plastic bags are put into use in Wuhan

by:LINYANG     2020-02-05


country'Plastic Limit Order' The upcoming implementation has brought business opportunities to the manufacture of fully degradable plastic bags in Wuhan. The Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission recently reported that the fully degradable plastic bags produced by Wuhan Huali Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd. have been put on the market.

at present, the company has established a research and development base for complete sets of special equipment, research and development and production base for biodegradable materials and products, and a promotion base for biodegradable technologies. Plastic starch biodegradable material developed by gorgeous Company (PSM) It is a new generation of Ecological Environment materials. The results of the Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department believe that the main technical indicators of the materials have reached the international advanced level. It is also reported that the fully biodegradable pellets and sheets and some products produced by gorgeous company have been sold to Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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