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From the definition and classification of the type of paper

by:LINYANG     2020-03-08
From type paper from the definition of a type of paper, also known as silicone oil, prevent sticker paper. Mainly have the effect of isolation with viscous objects, such as tape. When use generally need to be stripped, abandoned; Now more widely used, mainly is the carrier of tape or adhesive products, application in food, medical and health industry, of course, is not here described in detail. From the classification of the type of paper from the classification of the type of paper, can press with and without plastic mold plastic mold paper paper classification; Can also according to the classification of organic silicon mold mold release agent paper and non silicon mold. Plastic mold a piece of paper, because of the mold release agent has certain permeability, if there is no certain blocks, mold release agent will infiltrate into the paper inside, cause cure bad and mold release agent usage is larger, High cost) , and many other adverse factors. So you need to do plastic coated on the paper processing ( Commonly known as film) , the domestic general use polyethylene ( PE) Particles with film, asking the melt index at around 7, yanshan petrochemical is generally selected domestic PE particles of 1 c7a. Divided into single and double plastic mold plastic mold paper paper; No plastic mold a piece of paper, such as gration, CCK mainly by the special processing of other type of paper. Gration mold gration base paper coating and mold release agent, after the overpressure production from type paper. Gration because after super calender, the compactness of paper is very good, particularly suitable for die cutting factory. Because the domestic gration only can produce 60 ~ 80 g of quantitative, and die cutting factory prefer to use more than 100 grams of quantitative, such as 120 grams, 140 grams. Has a certain transparency, stiffness and good, die cutting performance and better. All imported base paper, but due to the import original quantitative is 20 tons per container, and must be 3 months in advance reservation, we need to pay the full order. There are a lot of domestic mold coating suppliers feel nothing. CCK from type paper CCK coated on the surface of the base paper is a special clay coating and mold release agent, after production from type paper. Because of its high temperature resistant performance is very good, is widely used in carbon fiber industry. CCK clay on the surface of the base paper and easy to destroy the organic silicon, so the domestic production of CCK from type paper can really pass is still in the minority. Drench membrane from type paper base paper after film, coating and mold release agent on the surface of the film, the production mold of paper. Because paper paper surface of hair and fiber, so the film must be to a certain quantity, to ensure that no penetration point, to ensure that silicone oil can't be infiltrated in the paper, to ensure that there would be no bad. General paper laminating film amount for the 16 grams per square meter, it is said that the wenzhou region have 11 ~ 13 grams per square meter, very close to the foreign advanced equipment of the film data. In theory, as long as can guarantee tape from the type of paper, again low amount of film are permitted. Film from the type of paper is divided into single and double tube. General single from type paper is single tube, of course, there are double tube single-sided from type paper, because the mold surface film thicker for 20 grams, commonly from profile generally thinner 15 g, this paper compares level. If the amount is double-side film are 22 grams of paper, laminating paper is more suitable for double mold. Film from type paper generally selects the full wood pulp paper, particularly in the electronics industry. If choose straw paper, at the time of die cutting, there will be a lot of confetti and easily broken edge. All wood pulp paper generally called kraft paper, such as unbleached kraft paper ( Commonly known as: the cows) , white kraft paper, Commonly known as: the white buffalo) , yellow kraft paper ( Commonly known as: Japan Huang Cainiu) , blue kraft paper ( Commonly known as: Indonesia blue color cattle) 。 Certainly useful all-wood base paper, offset paper do more useful photographic paper base paper, and use coated paper and white board paper, cattle card, milk and so on paper base paper. As long as the paper-plastic laminating fastness can meet the requirements, as long as no penetration point, laminating film uniform flat, it should be said that what can be done base paper. Other from type paper there are some mold is widely used in many industries, and do not use the mold release agent. Label printing plant, for example, tend to be in a place that needs a mold a layer of light oil, will also have a certain ability to mold, will, of course, the performance of the glue is very weak. Otherwise, this mold ability is also in vain. Others use some special glue formula production from type paper such as the overall market share very little. The electronics industry to use authentic paper ( The formal factory, with stable quality and supply assurance from type paper) Less, mainly in garbled paper ( Used abroad at a time, or the existence of defects from type paper) Give priority to. Use authentic paper glue factory is basically.
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