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Four measures to repair damaged agricultural plastic film

by:LINYANG     2020-02-02


What if the agricultural film is damaged and does not keep warm or moisturize? Repair the plastic film that is not too broken in winter. Prepare for greenhouse greenhouses and vegetable mulching in the coming year, which can save money and improve economic benefits.

1. Heat supplement method:

use soldering iron or electric soldering iron. This method is only applicable to polyvinyl chloride films. When repairing, spread the film on a flat table top, cut a similar agricultural film slightly larger than the hole, first wipe the place where the two are connected thoroughly with a wet cloth, and then dry it with a dry cloth, after drying, spread the film on the broken hole, put a slightly thicker cellophane on it, and gently move the cellophane on the cellophane with an electric soldering iron to melt the film at the interface by heat, and wait until it cools down, the two layers of film stick together.

II. Bonding method:

using organic solvent cycloethyl ketone (Hexacharcoal) Repair, but it is best to buy glue specially used for repairing and mending films ,(Such as polyvinyl chloride). The method is to clean the interface first, apply glue with a brush, and dry 2- In 3 minutes, stick the patched film and use it after 2 hours.

3. Sewing method:

If the agricultural film with thicker texture is damaged, it can be repaired by sewing method. That is, first wash and dry the old film, then cut a piece of film with the same texture to cover it, and use a needle or sewing machine to fill the hole in the leather hole like a patch-Block, or sew the fracture.

IV. Water supplement method:

This method is suitable for greenhouses. Wash the stripped part first. According to the area of the damaged part, cut the film slightly larger than the hole, then dip it with water, or use the natural water droplets on the greenhouse to drain the air between the films and flatten the two films, squeeze out the drops of water.

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