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Foreign companies invest in China's plastic bottle labeling film market

by:LINYANG     2020-01-31

March 18

Toyo Textile Co. , Ltd. , headquartered in Osaka, believes that China's pet bottle Heat Shrinkable film labeling market has great potential, with an annual consumption of 120 thousand tons and rising demand. In order to gain an advantage in China's booming plastic bottle labeling film market, Japan Toyo Textile Co. , Ltd. has signed an investment contract to obtain SKC (Jiangsu)A 15% stake in cutting edge Plastics Co. , Ltd.

SKC (Jiangsu) Cutting edge Plastics Co. , Ltd. is a multi-party joint venture. Its major shareholders SKC Co. , Ltd. and SK China are affiliated to SK Group, the third largest enterprise group in South Korea.

at present, China's Heat Shrinkable film is made of pvc, but Toyo textile company independently develops and sells Spaceclean Heat Shrinkable film products made of recycled PET bottle resin. In 2010, Toyo textile company introduced a polyester shrink film, which is claimed to be the thinnest in the world with only 20 microns. Toyo textile hopes to promote its film products in the Chinese market.

after the Dongyang textile investment contract was signed in middle March, SKC (Jiangsu) The paid-in capital of cutting edge Plastics Co. , Ltd. reached 58,823,530 US dollars, and the latest holding ratio is: South Korea SKC43. 3%, SK China is 33. 1%, Toyo textile 15%, the remaining shares are held by the other three companies. The investment of Toyo textile is 8,823,530 US dollars.

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