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For the characteristics and functions of the PVC

by:LINYANG     2020-06-29
PVC film is a kind of more classic film since the production of polymer materials, and this type of film also has certain characteristics in characteristics. It is more transparent than the film produced by polyethylene processing, and it is much better in transparency than polyethylene. In addition, with the addition of plasticizers, this kind of PVC transparent film has a certain viscosity after it is produced, and if it is said to be sticky, this characteristic can make this kind of film have a directivity, and it can be used in some places that require a sticky film . In comparison, no matter what kind of plastic material, its moldability is very high, and among them, polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride are the main products. The characteristics of these two materials are still the most widely used at present, and they are also polymers that have been produced for a long time, so they are still the two most used plastic materials in the world. ????Many times, we will need to use PVC film, such as the car's anti-glare film has its ingredients included, and some skin care varieties after the cover is attached to a layer of film also has the form of PVC film, it can be said Polymers are a relatively important type of plastic materials in cities.
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