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For a tent of 60 bench hurt _ company news

by:LINYANG     2020-03-31
Report from our correspondent now, square dance has become one of the most popular leisure entertainment of the elderly. As a result, an old man was beaten black and blue, and the other an old man in administrative detention by the police. '8, 9 PM, three mile plateau police station received 110 command center to police, immediately organized police drove to the scene disposal. Square to see the police rushed to the area, many people are talking, a 60 - year - old man put his hand over his forehead kept moaning, and a woman are twisted live another 60 - year - old man, the old man is wanted to against the woman angrily. See this situation, civilian police control the scene immediately, to prevent the escalation of deterioration. After the preliminary investigation, that night, zhang came to the field square square dance, Zhu Mou brought little granddaughter to play here. Zhu Mou looks on other old man dancing, their granddaughter curiously drill to drill in the square. A little later, zhang came before the Zhu Mou, indignantly, said Zhu Mou granddaughter get they used for sound insulation of the tent rotten, used to hold huge drape is damaged. Zhu Mou don't believe the little granddaughter can damage zhang tarpaulins and hardcore, it didn't good the spirit ground replied. See Zhu Mou bad tone, zhang scolded 1. A word, the two sides there were fierce dispute, and then hold each other scuffle. In the process, Zhu Mou conveniently picked up a small wooden bench to sit, flung the head hit zhang, zhang down soon. Other dance of the old man said, have rushed to dissuade. Zhang wife see husband forehead have obvious trauma, gripped Zhu Mou forbid its leave, and quickly take out a cellular phone the police. Classics doctor is diagnosed after examination, zhang forehead skin laceration, the nasal root, left orbital soft tissue contusion of weeks, hematoma, mild brain injury, hypokalemia left eye retina injury, face on the left side of the maxillary comminuted fracture, on the left side of the zygomatic fractures, on the left side of the maxillofacial and peri-orbit soft tissue contusion. At present, Zhu Mou has give administrative detention by the police on suspicion of beating others, it is still in investigation and handling. Tarpaulin manufacturer also remind everybody: tarpaulins is good, but don't take offence. Tarpaulin tent factory tarpaulins, http://www. linyangpvc。 com/
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