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Flocked Product Will Have a Brilliant Prospect

by:LINYANG     2020-08-29

In China, the needing of flocked products stay on increasing, and also the associated product is raising in a great situation. The flocked products will have a brilliant and outstanding prospect in Chinese market!

According to the situation of the market, the flocked product has kept on getting boom in manufacturing and purchase on Chinese market in this year, however, the insiders of the industry think that, with brilliant prospect of the products, the fabric and leather manufacturer will get more benefic in the potential market.

The covering of flocking is extremely broad. Nearly all of the textiles can be use to produce the flocking. Flocking is a sort of industry with the high technical requirement and very complicated craft, so the flocked fabric product are always with the value-added and they are with fine profit. Such as, the price of the normal pongee fabric is about 3 yuan, but when the fabric is after the flocking, it may be marketed for 12 yuan. Currently, a sort of frocked new products that are named 'imitation of mink' are famous for the market. Through the flocking, one meters fabric can be sold by one yuan. The decorative product of flocking textile are favorite by the foreign countries and the products usually have a great number of exports.

Furthermore, according to the insiders of the industry, besides using it for textiles, the flocking technology also are broadly used in: building and decoration; cosmetics; cardstock products; jewelry boxes; paper and plastic packing products; plush toys; bamboo; bags; shoes; hats; furs; gypsum products; metallic utensilsarts; crafts; calligraphy; car, etc.. Different products will make the procedure show its ability sufficiently. For example, with the trend of eco-friendly concepts, PVC bag is slowly getting phased out for its different hazards, and also non-woven flocking bag has changed for their environmental protection. whatever in conditions of fastness or practical, frocked products have much more benefits than PVC product.

The classification of flocking ways

Different flocking products with different flocking ways. They are generally divided into 3 kinds :

1. Using the assembly line with the flocking machine

The assembly line is able to be realized to finish the procedure of glue, flocking, drying, floating velvet clearing automatically, for example: flocked fabric, leather, paper, non-woven, PVC, plastic material film, sponge, the forms of handicrafts, toys, automotive plastic material parts, safe-keeping boxes, automobile sealing tape, trim, plastic material boxes, cardboard, calendars, couplets, pictures, the flock printing of packaging box.

2. Box-style flocking

Makes the flocking box through the sizing and shape of the product. Putting the fluff in the box and opening the power, which will make the flocking box be a area with high-pressure electric powered and and put the product which will be flocked in the flocking box. Following 3 or 5seconds of time, removes the product which may be flocked in the other part of the box. After the drying or dried out namely, the product may be finished.

3. Nozzle type flocking

Connecting to the energy source, the flocking products generate tens of a large number of volts high-pressure electrostatic, after that, output the energy for the shower nozzle and make the fluff on the nozzle get the negative charge. Spray the adhesive on the surface area of the item which will be flocked, and then make the nozzle be near to flocking object. The fluff will be sprayed from the nozzle for the flocking surface area through the large stress of electric powered.

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