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Flexible printing plastic film is what advantage?

by:LINYANG     2020-03-16
Plastic film printing in the packaging industry is a new, but the technology exquisite, beautiful finished products for operating technology also is not easy, how to improve on craft level is the task of film printing industry. We have learned, our country also has a rich history that began in a few years ago to promote flexible printing plastic film, and is in accordance with the foreign technology popularization and application, but due to the fine network and hierarchical representation as gravure, many users still can't accept it. But we also have to realize flexible printing has the following advantages. ( 1) Flexible printing on significantly less than the gravure ink amount, flexographic printing ink on the average quantity is only 2 g / ㎡. ( 2) Flexographic printing ink color concentration higher than gravure ink, transfer ink with volume, flexible printing color density than gravure, therefore under the same color density, flexible printing ink layer is thinner than gravure. ( 3) Resin of flexographic printing ink solvent release ability better than the commonly used gravure printing ink of the resin, such as flexible printed version of the nitrocellulose resin with smaller than gravure with polyamide resin smell, and adsorption of solvent effect is small. ( 4) Flexible printing water-based ink printing on thin film speed is much faster than water-based gravure printing ink, water-based gravure printing ink and application also need to make major equipment changes. ( 5) According to statistics, the solvent residual amount of intaglio printing flexible packaging products generally at about 10 mg / ㎡, if use pu ink, solvent residue can be controlled to 5 mg / ㎡. And soft, l the solvent residual amount of raw printing flexible packaging products generally at about 2 mg / ㎡, with quality rape some ink will be lower. Over the past few years, the film production obtained very big development in technology, many kinds of materials are constantly being developed, more meet the needs of the packaging industry.
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