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Five matters needing attention in pvc shrink film factory in producing shrink film

by:LINYANG     2020-02-18


The shrink film produced by pvc shrink film factory has the characteristics of good transparency, good toughness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, low water vapor transmission rate, etc. When the film is subjected to a certain temperature, it automatically shrinks and tightly wraps the goods, thus achieving the functions of protecting the goods, preventing moisture, mildew, rust, pollution, damage and theft. The stability of commodity storage and transportation is good, the packaging process and equipment are relatively simple, and it is convenient to implement automatic Heat Shrinkable packaging.

Five matters that pvc shrink film factory should pay attention to when producing shrink film

pvc shrink film factory should pay attention to the following matters when producing shrink film:

1. The die head must be cleaned and no charred plastic should fall in. If it can be found by naked eyes, it must be removed immediately.

2. The Paper tube must be correct, not long and short.

3. Be careful not to collide when packing, resulting in quality problems such as edge breakage.

4. Minimize the appearance of surface wrinkles and white compression lines in the middle, so as not to affect the appearance.

5. The side materials should be cut neatly, and the uneven cut stretch film cannot be shipped as finished products.

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