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Failure of gas explosion-proof membrane causes gas leakage

by:LINYANG     2020-01-18


recently, 6 people were poisoned in the gas poisoning accident in the local blast furnace workshop of Da'an Iron and Steel Company, one of them is the deputy director responsible for the production of safety equipment, and the other five are maintenance workers. It is understood that the cause of the accident was the failure of the gas explosion-proof membrane, causing a large amount of gas leakage.

after the incident, the Enterprise immediately organized personnel to carry out on-site rescue and called 120 in time to send 6 poisoned people to the nearest hospital for rescue. However, five of them died because of poisoning, and one person is now out of danger.

after the incident, the local government and Daan company quickly formed a rehabilitation team to deal with related matters. At the same time, after the accident, Daan Iron and Steel Company has reported the accident situation step by step. At present, the joint accident investigation team composed of the autonomous region safety supervision administration and the public security department and other relevant units is investigating the accident. The company has stopped production for rectification according to the requirements of the local government.

It is also known that 5 of the 6 people who died or injured in the accident have purchased insurance, involving an insured amount of 370 thousand yuan, and the claim settlement work has already begun. The staff of China Life Insurance Inner Mongolia Branch, who participated in the claim settlement work, introduced the detailed process of the accident: On the morning of November 5, the explosion-proof membrane of the gas in the No. 1 box of the bag filter in the blast furnace workshop of Baotou Daan Iron and Steel Company burst, the maintenance personnel of the ironmaking plant carried out repairs. In the afternoon, when the maintenance personnel cleaned up the maintenance site, the gas explosion-proof membrane of the No. 4 box next to it suddenly burst, causing a large amount of gas leakage, and smoked down one maintenance personnel, the three people who were in custody next to them immediately went to the rescue with two other maintenance personnel, and unfortunately they were also smoked.

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