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Extrusion blow molding is an important process for industrial film production

by:LINYANG     2020-01-25


extrusion blow molding is mainly used for processing PE, PP and PVC Films. The products are widely used in packaging, agriculture, medical treatment, daily use and other fields. There are three extrusion methods: flat extrusion, flat extrusion and downward blowing. Extrusion blow molding process has the advantages of simple equipment, flexible regulation, wide and narrow, but the film thickness uniformity is a bit poor.

in the production process, in addition to homogeneous material porous films, people usually use mixed materials in order to reduce costs and improve Film Performance and cutting performance. Sometimes, corresponding additives and additives. LDPE mixed linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) It can improve the film strength and increase the service life of the greenhouse film.

The molten plastic is extruded by blowing on the extrusion, and the tube blank is extruded upward, and the air-cooled tubular membrane is blown. The method can produce a large and wide Bomei film. The flat extrusion and blowing method can treat the uniformity of common greenhouse film, PE film, ultra-thin film, high-strength HDPE film, degraded film, quasi-paper film, Pearl film and stretch film polyethylene film.

Extrusion blow molding is an important process for industrial film production

extrusion flat blow method extruder extrudes pipe blank water from air-cooled tubular film. The process of polyethylene film is more commonly used for processing and producing folded small sizes (Folding size <300mm)Products. This method can be used to treat food packaging with a film thickness of 0. 015-0. 03mm, also used to deal with 0. 2 0. Tubular hose with a thickness of 2mm.

The water blowing method is to blow the water immediately after blowing. Commonly used in polypropylene film processing, production of small package IPP film (Folding size <300mm).

polypropylene uses sewage to stabilize membrane foam due to low melt strength. Because of its high crystallinity, cooling slowly when the film transparency and intensity are affected, therefore, rapid cooling of the water ring can make the film transparency, physical and mechanical properties and feel better. This shows that extrusion blow molding is an important process for industrial film production.

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