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Experts tell you that it is useful to stick a car insulation film in winter?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-09


Many car owners believe that car heat insulation film can really block heat in summer, but it has no effect in cold winter. Xiao Bian specially consulted experts--Is it useful to stick a car insulation film in winter?

1. The film can play an explosion-proof role, and sudden external impact force may occur at any time. When the car glass is broken, the car film can adhere the broken glass together, which can effectively protect the car personnel from the damage of glass fragments.

2. The film can prevent glare and ensure safety for driving.

3. In winter, it is also helpful to save energy and reduce consumption.

4. Besides heat insulation, the solar film has another important function to block the passage of ultraviolet rays, which are no weaker in winter than in summer. At present, more vehicles are parked in the open parking lot. Ultraviolet rays will not only cause fading of instruments and interiors, but also burn human skin through glass.

from this point of view, the benefits of winter to the car film is not less than summer, winter film is still very necessary.

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