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Experts tell you pvc plastic wrap toxic?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-09

Global Plastics News:

CCTV Weekly Quality report has been exposed, 16 kinds of pvc plastic wrap 15 kinds contain banned plasticizer DEHA. The survey also found that half of the supermarket cooked food packaging uses PVC plastic wrap. So, is pvc plastic wrap toxic?

The test found that 15 of the 16 brands contained the national banned plasticizer DEHA. Almost all of the products of the largest companies in the PVC plastic wrap industry were detected to contain DEHA. Among them, the minimum exceeds the detection limit by 98 times, the maximum exceeds the detection limit by 472 times, and the average exceeds the detection limit by more than two hundred times.

is DEHA disabled? Is exceeding the detection limit harmful to human body? The expert gave the reporter a negative answer.

Myth 1: DEHA countries are not banned. Zhong Kai, an associate researcher at the risk Exchange Department of the national food safety risk assessment center and a doctor of food safety, said that it should not be Zhang Guan Li Dai, DEHA is adipic acid II (2-Ethylhexyl) The statement that the Ester was banned by the regulatory authorities is completely wrong.

According to Zhong Kai, some media quoted the announcement issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine on 2005, but 2008 the hygienic standard GB9685- The introduction of 2008 has made it clear that DEHA and DOA can be used for plastic products made of PE, PVC and other materials. The maximum usage amount is 35%, and the specific migration amount/residual amount cannot exceed 18 mg/kg. GB9685 is a national mandatory standard and has more legal effect, which means that DEHA is not banned.

Myth 2: exceeding the detection limit is not equal to exceeding the national standard. Some news emphasizes that it is more than two hundred times higher than the detection limit, but uses'Detection value'And'Detection limit'Comparison, there is no scientific significance.

Li Shuguang, a professor at Fudan University's School of Public Health, said that the detection limit represents the sensitivity of the instrument. The more sensitive the instrument is, the more accurate its detection limit is. The detection limit and detection value are not comparable. ' Visually speaking, it is to use a magnifying glass and a microscope to see the same thing. The thing under the microscope looks bigger, which does not mean that this thing is really bigger. ' What really needs to be compared should be the detection value and the migration limit of DEHA in the national standard, which is scientific.

The word difference between DEHA and DEHP is very different

experts explained that although there is only one word difference, DEHA, and we are familiar with the drinks and liquor in Taiwan. 'Plasticizer'The chief culprit in the storm--O-benzene plasticizer DEHP (Di phthalate [2-Ethyl hexyl]Ester)But it is a completely different substance.

Zhong Kai said that DEHA is actually used to replace phthalic acid plasticizers such as DEHP, and its safety is relatively better. Products using O-benzene plasticizers are not allowed to be used in oily foods, while DEHA is not subject to this provision.

experts believe that although the quality national standard 'plastic self-adhesive plastic wrap for food' has been suspended for the supervision of DEHA, it must also be implemented with reference to GB9685 national health standards. The United Kingdom, the United States, etc. also allow DEHA to be used in food packaging materials.

' The plastic wrap industry does have certain problems, and the quality of some small workshops is not up to standard. ' Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Nutrition Engineering at China Agricultural University, said that if the wrong information is used to crack down on problematic industries, it will only'Fish in the moat suffer'It is not beneficial to the purification of the industry environment.

experts call for media and industry information to become false information'Filter'And rational emotions'Incubator' To become a public scientific literacyBooster'To spread accurate and authoritative voices.

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