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Experts tell you how to identify the quality of the car film?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-09


whether it is in a regular car 4S shop, or a professional film company or a variety of car beauty shops, accessories shops, consumers can roughly identify the film products according to some simple factors. So, how to identify the quality of the automotive film?

1. The genuine film feels thick and smooth, while the inferior film feels thin and brittle and easy to wrinkle.

2. When the plastic lining of the automobile film is torn open and recompounded, the inferior film will foam, while the high-quality film will remain intact after compounding.

3. Regardless of the color of the film, the high-quality film should be able to clearly see items away at night, while the inferior film will feel foggy.

4. The pigment of high-quality film is durable and not easy to change color, and will not decolorize even after being scraped by scraper during pasting. The color of the inferior film sometimes falls off on its own. The surface of the film can be wiped with alcohol or gasoline, and the inferior film is easy to fade.

5. A test method can be used for comparison: Put a piece of glass pasted with a car film on an iodine tungsten lamp, the high-quality film that does not feel a trace of heat by hand, and the immediate feeling of hot hands indicates that there is a problem with its heat insulation performance, which is an inferior film.

reminder: when purchasing the film, the merchant should clearly write the product specifications, model number, batch number and other relevant parameters of the film on the invoice or warranty card, and ask for a sample of the film (150mm ×80mm) , And properly keep samples and other information, can effectively safeguard rights within the warranty period. Moreover, the film should be replaced in time after being used for a period of time. According to different grades of products, the interval is about 5-8 years.

If you choose the mid-range price for the car sunshade film products on the market at present, the price of each car is 1500-RMB 3000. High-end, the price is usually more than 3000 yuan, or even 10,000 yuan. If the vehicle is of a higher grade (More than 500 thousand yuan), Can completely without film. When purchasing a car film, consumers should check whether there are manufacturers, trademarks, specifications and models, test reports and quality assurance cards from manufacturers, the manufacturer's warranty card usually contains the manufacturer's name, telephone number, address, etc. that can be found. Generally, powerful manufacturers will provide some solar film testers for customers to test to verify the authenticity of the parameters in the instructions.

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