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Experts tell you how to do car film foaming?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-08


What about the foaming of the automobile film? Experts suggest that if this happens, the owner can use a PIN to pierce a small hole in the bubble, and then wipe the glass with a cloth, and the bubble will disappear. Of course, if there are too many bubbles, it is recommended that the owner replace them.

extra attention when purchasing the film can also avoid the occurrence of foaming events:

1. Find a decoration company with a closed workshop, because the film is most afraid of dust and gravel, it is difficult to clean the environment in street work. Choose a dust-free film studio.

2. It is very important to select good construction personnel.

3. Ask the store and observe whether there is an anti-counterfeiting mark on the back of the film. The back of the explosion-proof film of the regular brand is printed with an anti-counterfeiting mark, if it is possible to ask the store for a piece of leftover material, uncover the Back film to expose the adhesive layer, and then rub it on the ground, such as fading and scratching, it is a fake film.

4. When car owners choose the film, they should pay attention to the harmony between the matching film and the color of the car body. It is suggested that car owners should refer to the prototype effect diagram shown by the construction shop before making the selection. It is required that the front and rear windshields of the store should not be opened. It must be posted, otherwise it will reduce the explosion resistance and affect the appearance.

5. Sit in the car after pasting the film and observe whether the color is uniform and the gravel is too much (A little gravel not in the key position can be allowed) Looking out will not affect the line of sight, the real explosion-proof solar film has a very high one-way light transmission, will not affect the line of sight of the outside.

6. After pasting the film, within three days, the owner should not lift the window or clean the car with water to avoid falling off due to undrying water. Due to the different weather and metal materials, the degree of drying after the film is attached will vary, fast for 2 days, slow for 7- 15 days, in a certain climate, the car film may appear foggy or water droplets, the owner should not worry, it is a normal phenomenon, it will slowly disappear. Stains appear on the film surface. The owner should not wipe it with chemical solvent. It is better to wash it with clean wet towel, paper towel or cotton cloth combined with detergent. The owner should not attach some suction cups or some sticky substances to the film for the sake of beauty, which is easy to cause the film to fall off.

7. Finally, remember to ask the store for the film guarantee card, the imported brand (Such as 3M Johnson, etc) The shelf life is 7 to 8 years, and the shelf life of domestic brands is 5 to 6 years. With its own future rights, it is possible to be protected.

In the process of filming, the following matters should also be paid attention to:

spray clean water when filming, and the car must be cleaned, keep it dry and clean. When pasting the film, the film is preserved. There is a layer of gummed paper on the outside, which can be pasted only after being torn off. At this time, there is almost no sand on the film, if it is the glass, it must be sprayed with water before the film can be applied. After the film is applied, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are bubbles and sand particles, and whether the edges are not tightly attached. At the same time, it is necessary to dry it, this is to make the glass free of dirt such as sand, and also to prevent small bubbles between the film and the glass, thus affecting the overall appearance.

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