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Experts teach you how to judge whether the preservative film formula is qualified?

by:LINYANG     2020-02-08


It is reported that the pe preservative film formula is unqualified to add plasticizer. The survey report shows that only one of the seven pvc samples has reached the standard. So, how do consumers judge whether the preservative film formula is qualified? Experts help you.

1. Rub your hands. PE plastic wrap is generally less viscous and transparent, and it is easy to open after hand rubbing, while PVC plastic wrap has better transparency and viscosity, and it is not easy to unfold by hand rubbing.

2. Burn it. After the PE plastic wrap is ignited by fire, the flame is yellow and burns rapidly. It will not go out without the fire source, and it has the smell of dripping oil and burning candles; However, PVC plastic wrap is not easy to ignite, the root of the flame is light green and emits black smoke, which will be extinguished after leaving the fire source and has pungent peculiar smell.

3. Go to the supermarket. Supermarkets generally sell PE plastic wrap, while farmers' markets mostly sell PVC plastic wrap.

4. Look at the packaging. Is there any'QS”Logo, number and manufacturer's detailed address. Plastic wrap marked with PE or polyethylene can be used with confidence; It says polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Or try not to choose the material.

5. Look at the color. The whole roll of yellow color is polyvinyl chloride (PVC)Material, White is polyethylene (PE).

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