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Expert: pe plastic wrap is risky to lose weight

by:LINYANG     2020-02-08


According to the investigation, the plasticizer DEHA, which has long been banned from being used in pvc plastic wrap, is still being used secretly by some foreign-funded enterprises in China, some beauty salons also use PVC plastic wrap to wrap their bodies for weight loss, even pe plastic wrap. Experts suggest that the state should conduct a special inspection of PE plastic wrap as soon as possible.

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Material self-adhesive plastic wrap should be marked with'Can't touch food with grease','No microwave heating','Do not use at high temperatures'Such as warning language, etc. Even PE plastic wrap has a mixed quality. ' Some manufacturers use industrial or agricultural grade PE film instead of food grade PE film to produce plastic wrap due to cost considerations, or add various plasticizers to improve viscosity and elongation, etc'.

' Some beauty salons use PVC plastic wrap to wrap the body to lose weight is very dangerous, because PVC plastic wrap contains a lot of plasticizers, and some plasticizers through the skin into the human body will be harmful to health, and even affect endocrine' Environmental expert Dong Jinshi reminded the plastic wrap to lose weight.

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