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EU legislation for 'limited plastic' or two years

by:LINYANG     2020-01-22

According to the website of the Ministry of the environment of China, China has banned the use of less than 0 thickness since June 1, 2008. 025mm plastic shopping bags, and requires paid use of plastic shopping bags. 'Plastic Limit Order' Implemented for nearly 4 years, large shopping malls, supermarket chains, etc. Banned'The effect is better; In the farmer's market, ultra-thin plastic bags are still repeatedly banned.

On the 24th, the reporter found through field interviews that in the farmer's market, how many ultra-thin bags are there; In fruit stalls, ultra-thin plastic bags are basically free to use; In supermarkets, although'Plastic Limit Order' It plays a certain role in controlling the use of plastic bags, but violations such as the obvious increase in the use of hand-torn bags can be seen everywhere. There are also some illegal use of plastic bags reported before. Therefore, to achieve a comprehensive ban on plastic, China still has a long way to go.

According to the British 'Daily Mail' report on March 25, the EU has made another step forward in banning the use of free disposable plastic bags throughout the EU, proposals to require shoppers to pay for disposable shopping bags will be reviewed next month or legislation will be enacted within two years.

The European Commission focused on this measure in a green paper on plastic packaging. According to a report from Brussels, citizens of EU Member States use an average of 500 shopping bags per person per year, and in most cases they throw them away only once. In 2008, Europe produced 3. 4 million tons of plastic bags, of which only 6% were recycled. EU Environment Commissioner podonik (Janez Potocnik)Said:' Fifty years ago, people had never heard of disposable plastic bags. Now, we only use them for a few minutes, but the pollution left by these few minutes to the environment will last for decades. '

within the EU, the Republic of Ireland has imposed a tax on plastic bags since 2002. Italy, as the largest consumer of plastic shopping bags in Europe, also banned the use of polyethylene plastic shopping bags in January 1 last year. From a global perspective, Somalia, Rwanda, and Tanzania have also issued the same ban.

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