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Environmental protection - Electrostatic membrane

by:LINYANG     2020-03-10
PE electrostatic membrane can be widely used in all walks of life, because it has several advantages: no glue applicator, depend on the electrostatic adsorption, soft, good transparency, no peculiar smell, chemical stability. Electrostatic PE film is, as it were, more environmental protection! Lam jan Himore 【 400 - 6666 - 322 】 To provide you with high quality electrostatic membrane, one-stop solution to your problem, welcome to inquire. Static PE film is a kind of nature soft, viscosity can be good, simple post, simply peel off, stripping no residue, is a special polyethylene ( PE) Plastic film as the backing material, then processed by several kinds of special additives. PE protective film is a little to protect the goods in the production processing, transport, storage and use process from pollution, corrosion, scratches, protect the original bright shiny appearance. PE protective film is structure simple organic polymer compound, the world's widely used polymer materials, electrostatic film appearance and properties: physical and chemical properties of PE resin granule or powder, with patience, white wax, PE protective film risk features: touch can lead to burning and blasting with strong oxidizer. Xenon fluoride fluoride and 4 and touch the violent reaction. And nitric acid, sodium chloride, three nitromethane cannot compatibility. PE protective film, contrast in today's market hot, there are also many consumers have a common identity PET protective film without the appearance processing, the surface tension in more than 40 mn/m, but in order to further progress printing ink or vacuum aluminum plating layer and the bonding force between the PET protective film appearance, add adhesion fastness, often need to look the PET protective film. Plastic film appearance treatment method are: corona treatment method, chemical method, mechanical method, coating method and flame, MAO is the corona treatment method is chosen. 1. PE electrostatic membrane material is PE material, polyethylene, it is a kind of white powder, non-toxic, tasteless, odourless. Good chemical stability, temperature tolerance, small water imbibition. 2. Hundreds of PE anti-static dust-free workshop production of the film, clean dust-free production workshop, production did not produce a large number of emissions in the air. 3. Electrostatic membrane without PE coating glue, on its own electrostatic adsorption. 4. PE electrostatic membrane is easy to stick and rip, tear behind don't glue, reusable.
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